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Become the next Amazon, Shopify or AliExpress by receiving tons of vendor requests for selling products on your e-commerce website


Presenting, VendorPro - A latest WordPress plugin that
allows you to create a full-fledged multi vendor
marketplace by permitting various sellers, vendors,
affiliates, etc. to sell their products on your
e-commerce website


Start converting your e-commerce site into a multi vendor store

Hurry..!! Prices Are Expected To Go Up Soon

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Few years back, it was quite hard to find a decent tool that could
fulfill the needs of an e-commerce website.
Soon these requirements drew the attention of our developers
and started working on developing an efficient solution

After all the hard work we came forward with the best in class e-commerce system

The system has the potential to make your e-commerce website the new Shopify, Amazon, eBay or AliExpress of the online business world

  • No more manual hard work
  • No hassle, no inconvenience
  • Only streams of profits!

An Creation

Presenting The Most Powerful System

For E-Commerce Websites

Do You Know The Secret Behind The Success Of A Multi Vendor MarketPlace?

Well, It's as simple as implementing this system in your e-commerce store.

With VendorePro E-Commerce System You Can -

Add multiple vendors &
sellers on your
e-commerce website

Increase your reach
over the online business
and marketing circuit

Earn decent amount
of profits through
commission rates

Cater to the needs of
numerous visitors coming on your
e-commerce website

Monitor the actions
and selling reports of a
particular seller

Grab The Mighty VendorPro E-Commerce Solution Today

Hurry..!! Prices Are Expected To Go Up Soon

01 Days
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19 Minutes
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If you are thinking to start or continue your e-commerce business without VendorPro then you are in deep loss

According to various studies conducted by, 89.12% of the test users found this system to enhance their e-commerce website.

With This Rate You Can Overtake Amazon, Shopify &
All The Other E-Commerce Giants Within No Time

The most important yet basic characterstic of VendorPro is that
you can skip the old school method
of maintaining a journal
and manage all the operations from a single dashboard.


It is newbie friendly and easy to use

Most powerful tool for e-commerce websites

Compatible with all the WordPress themes

The only tool available in the market to offer multi vendor functionality

Few clicks multi vendors e-commerce store conversion

One time payment gives lifetime access to this system

Convert Your Simple E-Commerce Store In Multi Vendor E-Commerce Store In Just Few Steps

Many users wonder, what good can a simple e-commerce website will do to earn them a good profit?

Well, with the increasing trend of online shopping, every other person hops on to the internet in order to get a decent offer on their desired product.

The Importance Of A Multi Vendor Marketplace

This Will Not Only Increase The Traffic On Your E-Commerce
Store But Will Also Improve Your Brand Reputation

Maintaining a fully functional multi vendor e-commerce is no easy task. We had contacted Amazon, Shopify, Themeforest and other successful e-commerce business owners and they mentioned us

Challenges Of Maintaining A Multi Vendor E-Marketplace

In order to run a successful multi vendor store, you need to constantly keep an eye on multiple vendors

In a multiple vendor store, admin/manager needs to maintain a good quality and monitor its shipping procedure

A proper balance between sellers and their roles in a multi vendor store must also be maintained

Keeping an up-to-date database of sales, returns and commissions earned from the sellers

How VendorPro Will Solve Your Problems

This Will Not Only Increase The Traffic On Your E-Commerce Store But will Also Improve Your Brand Reputation

Through this plugin, you can invite several vendors to work with you by giving an application form on your website

The tool allows admin to set a generic yet variable commission rate for every registered vendor

This plugin is great in managing the database of sales, returns and commissions earned from the sellers

As an admin, you can grant several rights to the vendors once their selling request is approved

The sellers can edit their profile information (contact no., description, shipping policy, etc.) through this system

As an admin, you don't have to maintain a separate hard copy of all transactions as this tool does it for you automatically

And A Lot More Than These....

Grab The Once In A Lifetime Offer & Get The Mighty VendorPro Tool

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With The Help Of VendorPro Plugin, You Can Target Several Niches

And much more....

With Such A Wide Spectrum Of Niches, Your Business Is Bound To Reach The Ranks Of Amazon, Shopify & AliExpress


Just when you think the plugin has nothing more to offer, it doesn't fail to surprise the audience

You can assign vendor commission,
vendor roles and can also take care
of frontend application form

The plugin facilitates the use of
shortcodes for all the frontend
webpages like application form,
vendor's sales and commission.
You can also use other shortcodes
to get details in emails as well

Through email notification, you can
manage/monitor various order
status & email settings like
billing/shipping address in
email, completed order details
email, etc.

You, as an admin can manage all
the approving and rejecting of
vendor's application form along
with monitoring all the necessary
details of vendors.

Customize the setting show/hide
seller's information on the single
product page.

Through this plugin, you can
analyze your growth by exporting

The Messages setting allows you to
alert your website visitors for their
unauthorized actions.

To save the time, plugin also offers
one-click settings reset option

VendorePro plugin is one of a kind plugin in market. No other plugin matches up to it in terms of features and pricing

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